The team - Antiques & Restoration Lothar Czambor

Lothar Czambor

  • business manager since the foundation of the enterprise in the year 1990
  • master of the carpentry handcraft / cabinetmaker´s trade and the restoration workshop
  • master craftman´s certificate and qualification as an instructor
  • area of responsibility: management of the company and sale / customer service / purchase / acquisition and advice / furniture restoration / expert

Dominik Czambor

  • employee of the restoration workshop
  • journeymen´s certificate after education and training in the family enterprise
  • area of responsibility: furniture restoration

Caroline Czambor, M.A.

  • educated art historian
  • Magister degree in the year 2010 (Master of Arts)
  • academic studies art history / German literature / classical archaeology at the Friedrich-Schiller-University in Jena
  • area of responsibility: assistance store / correspondence / update homepage-presentation / setup online archive / research, data-recall facility and description